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“Exclusive Step by Step Guide To Making A Six Figure Income on Distressed Property

No Money? No Credit? No Problem!

You’ve landed on this page for one reason – you want to make money!

Welcome … you’ve come to the right place.

What you’re about to read will literally put you on the fast track to making the kind of income you’ve always dreamed about. Six-figures or more – by buying, fixing and selling distressed property.

Your current situation doesn’t matter. Neither does your current income. And your credit history doesn’t matter either.

Fill Your Bank Account With Money

Just imagine this:. In just a couple of months after taking this course you’ll have made your first deal. Finding, fixing and selling a piece of distressed property. A house that looked like a loser but in reality was a literal gold mine. Imagine signing those final papers and getting handed a check for $25,000 – or more. All of it profit. All of it for you. Every penny going into your bank account.

Well, don’t imagine it. It’s true. It not only can be done – but is done. Every day. By people no smarter, brighter or luckier than you.

No Experience Necessary

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never bought or sold a piece of property in your life. In fact – that may be a blessing in disguise, because you won’t have to “un-learn” any bad habits!

It doesn’t matter where you live. Distressed property can be found in every state – and in every community. And better yet…

It Doesn’t Matter If You Have Poor Credit

Like I said above, it doesn’t matter if your credit is poor. Or even if you have no credit. In fact – you don’t even need ready cash.I’ll show you how to use other peoples money to make you money! Investors are literally waiting in line to hand over tens or even hundreds of thousand of dollars. All you have to do is contact them.

Just Give Me Five Minutes

Do me a favor. Just give me five minutes of your time. Go through this material. If you’re not interested, then you’ve lost nothing.

However – it may very well be the best five minute investment that you’ll ever make.

A Workable Plan – Not a “Pie in the Sky” Fantasy

First off – this isn’t a “get rich quick” scheme. It’s not one of those late night TV deals that promises to make you an instant millionaire with a couple of easy real estate investment tips.

In a word – those promises are bogus. Let me explain.

No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

You won’t become a millionaire over night. You’re not going to find a piece of pristine property in a prime location just sitting there waiting for you to pick it up at no cost. And, unlike some commercials on TV you might see, you can’t make money by sitting around your pool drinking mint juleps.

Step by Step Guide

This course, A Seasoned Investor (ASI) is a step by step guide that’s going to show you – in exacting detail – how to find the right property in the right condition in the right location. Then how to purchase it – even if you have no money or no credit! Then how to fix it up. And how to sell it. At a minimum profit of $25,000 each transaction. But in actuality, profits of thirty, forty or fifty thousand dollars are the more common ones.

Here are some past deals that I’ve done (and are well documented in my office.)


Bought a house for $135,000 rehab cost $47,000 Sold for $263,000


Bought For $35,000 Rehab cost $52,000 Sold for $148,000


Bought For $106,000 Rehab cost $12,000 Sold for $159,000


Bought For $96,000 Rehab cost $64,000 Sold for $259,000


Bought For $55,000 Rehab cost $5,000 Sold for $110,000

“Glen’s courses were the pivotal point for me in my Real Estate Investing career. This week, a few short months into my full-time investing career, I accepted an offer on my first full-blown rehab. At closing next month, I’ll walk away with a $67,000 profit. That is more than I ever would have dreamed possible one year ago. I side-stepped the newbie mistakes that would have cost me big!
I am and will continue to be one of Glen Gallucci’s greatest fans…
Stephanie L.,
Morristown, NJ

ASI Course - Wholesaling Flip it for CASH

Sound Good? That’s Because It Is Good!

Glen Portrait Pic1I’m Glen Gallucci, author of the ASI course. And I do this for a living. A great living. It’s taken me thirty years to learn everything I have about buying, fixing and selling distressed property. And yes – I’ve made some bloopers along the way. Some mighty big ones to be honest.

So why am I going to let you in on all my secrets?

If I’m Doing So Good – Why Share It?

That’s a very valid question. And here’s a very honest answer.

There’s only so many hours in a day. But there are so many opportunities, I could never begin to take advantage of all of them. I can however offer you the benefits of my knowledge. I can help you and others like you to make a living others only dream about.

There’s more than enough distressed property to go around for everyone. And by distressed properties I’m talking houses. Houses that probably no one else would give a second look at or even consider buying. Gems in the rough that you’ll make sparkle again. Now stay with me.

Yes – this course costs money. I may be a great guy – but I’m also a businessman. Thirty years of “hands-on in the trenches experience” comes with a price tag. (But keep reading – it’s one the best buys on the web!)

With the ASI course, you’ll be avoiding all the mistakes newcomers make in this business – right from the beginning.

You’ll literally be years ahead of the rest of the fieldwhen it come to finding and closing a winning deal.

Let Me Show You What I Mean …

Do you know the 14 biggest pitfalls to avoid when choosing what property to invest in?

I do – and I spell them out in detail. And some of them are things you’d never ever think of looking for.

Do you know how to get someone else to finance the entire project – with no up front money on your part?

I do – and I tell you who these people are and how you’ll get them interested. It’s not difficult to get their money – its just knowing where to find them in the first place that is. I show you who they are and where they are.

In fact, in just a little bit, I’m going to offer you something that you’re not going to find anywhere else. At any price. So please keep reading!

Do you know what repairs must be done – and done right – that’ll spell the difference between taking money to the bank or be taken to the cleaners?

I do – and I tell you – step by step – what they are and how
to do it right
– the first time. Avoiding costly mistakes. In fact – avoiding almost all mistakes!

It’s a Process

You see, being successful in this business is basically a process. You start with Step One and continue in a logical procession until the final step is completed – cashing your check! Yes – there are a lot of pitfalls to watch out for. But I let you know exactly where those pitfalls are.

There’s no guesswork with my course. There’s no “blue sky” speculation. No “black box” surprises. No “wishful thinking.”

A Blueprint for Success

Everything is laid out for you– literally a blueprint for success. All you have to do is follow it.

And yes – you’ll have to roll up your sleeves and work. If you think that you can do this lying in bed, making a few phone calls – then forget it. This course virtually guarantees success – but only for those people willing to apply themselves.

Listen – it’s like everything else in life. You get out what you put in. And I guarantee you – once you’ve cashed your first big check, once you see those five and six figures dollar signs dancing in your bank statement – it’ll be more than worth it.

In fact – it’ll become a habit making money. Now that’s one habit I hope you’ll never lose or break.

OK Glen – it all sounds good.

But What Exactly Will I Get When I Order Your Course?

Glad you asked. This is what you’ll get:

A comprehensive, soup to nuts no-holds barred real world guide to making big money in the distressed property real estate market. (You can click on a link at the bottom to see exactly what materials are enclosed.)

When I say no-holds barred, I mean it. You see, I was brought up in the
Bronx. I learned early on that to make it in the real world you had
to have hands-on experience
. And experience can be a harsh teacher.

But now those 30 years of experience are available to you. In this course you’ll find out how the world of distressed property works, and how to take advantage of it.

ASI Course - Wholesaling Flip it for CASH

checkmarksmYou’ll Start From Ground Zero

You’ll start off learning exactly how to set up your business. What tools you’ll need and what you should avoid. Do you need a computer? An office? A business telephone line? Business cards? Stationary? But that’s just the beginning!


Learn how to finance your project – either using your own money or someone else’s.

I’ll tell you what to say to get an investor’s ear and interest. Then I’ll tell you how to say it!

You’ll even learn about placing ads so powerful that those investors will be calling you to take their money!

You’ll also find out about the “tricks of the trade”to getting more money from your lenders.

There’s a lot more, such as appraisals, dealing with attorneys, title searches,insurance policies… everything you’ll need to know about financing your project on your terms.

In addition to that, you’re going to find out:

checkmarksmHow To Find Distressed Properties

You’re going to discover the nine types of distressed properties, and how to tell a winner from a loser.

You’ll deal with foreclosures and pre-foreclosures. Abandoned
properties, auctions, divorce properties.
Properties for sale by the owners (FSBO) and those with MLS – Multiple Listing Services. Properties in probate and properties owned by real
estate companies.

You won’t go looking blind either. You’re going to find out where they are and how to find each and every one of them.

You’ll learn the best way to approach the current owners. What to say and what not to say!

You’ll find out how to turn a foreclosure into a win-win deal for both the current owner and yourself. But that’s not all… not by a long


One of the most important things in this business is knowing when to buy
and when to walk away
. We cover the entire inspection process. By the time you’re finished, you’ll know exactly if a house is worth fixing or not. No guesswork. No “maybe’s” involved.

Before you invest one thin dime you’re going to be absolutely certain
if a piece of property will be profitable or not.

I even give you a formula to use. It’s called “WOW.”It’s a quick, easy and accurate way to sort out “Non-Deals from Winners”. Plug in the numbers. Crunch out an answer. It’s that simple. And yes – I tell you exactly what numbers to use.


When renovating, you’re going to discover what to do first, what to do second, then third. All the way to the end – laying the carpets.

You’ll learn the best way to deal with contractors and sub-contractors.You’ll find out what – if any – work you should do yourself.

You’re going to see what small, incidental repairs and additions will cause a huge impact on both the selling price and selling pace.

You’ll discover what two rooms must be done absolutely right if the house is going to sell. I even give you suggestions for the type of door knob to use on the front door, the type of vanity for the bathroom, the sink for the kitchen.

Not only that, but you’re going to get actual repair cost estimates!How much should a new roof cost? How about new flooring? A new boiler? Dozens of the most common repairs are covered. You get actual figures.

You see – I literally take you by the hand and show you what must be done. You’ll always know the next step to take. And the steps to avoid. But there’s more to the story.

checkmarksmSelling It!

OK.You’ve found it and fixed it. Now how do you sell it?

Don’t worry. That’s covered as well. How to get maximum profits. When to use real estate agents. When to sell it yourself. FHA mortgage loans,working with creative mortgage brokers, incentives to speed up turnover,and a host of insider tips that’ll have the “For Sale” sign replaced with “SOLD” in no time flat.

The ASI course comes with seven CD’s and two manuals. These cover all the basics mentioned, plus a host of other information.

If this was all I offered you, the course would be well worth the modest investment you’ll make.

ASI Course - Wholesaling Flip it for CASH

Click Here to View A List of Complete Course Materials

I Really Want You To Succeed.

Not because I’m a generous guy (I am actually) but because when you do well it’s a reflection on me. I have the satisfaction of knowing that I made a difference in someone’s life. A big difference. And that’s important to me.

After you’ve gone through the ASI course, call me. Included in the price is one free personal consultation to discuss your situation and goals.

Then,when you’re ready to actually begin, fax me up to three of your potential deals. I’ll go over what you sent and give you my professional opinion.

Bonus Extras:

giftBonus #1
You’re also going to get my exclusive “The 25 Common Mistakes Made by Investors – and How to Avoid Them.” After reading this guide – you’ll know where the common pitfalls to investing in distressed property lie – and how to avoid them.


giftBonus #2You’re also going to get “The Basic Concept of Appraisals” guide. This manual spells out exactly how to properly appraise a piece of property. You’ll learn the three criteria for selecting comparable sales, how to compensate for market adjustments, and how to adjust for local conditions.


giftBonus #3How do you find motivated sellers? Well, when you order my course you’ll get my insiders guide: “28 Ways to Find Motivated Sellers.” If you can’t find a seller after using my suggestions, then check your pulse. You may have bigger problems!

giftBonus #4We talked about credit – what if you have poor or bad credit? It really doesn’t affect your buying and selling distressed houses – but it can have a large impact in others areas of your life. I help you here as well. Order now and I’ll send you my guide“Credit Repair Made Easy.” This 12 page guide can be a literal godsend for those of you with less than perfect credit scores.

Glen – I’m interested, but …

I Don’t Want To Jump In All At Once. What Do I Do?

You know – I don’t blame you! I’d be cautious too. After all,investing in real estate can be a little intimidating – especially to a new comer.

I have you covered. My course will show you how to start slowly – by assigning contracts to others. This is called “wholesaling” or “flipping the property.” You do the groundwork and let someone else do the actual renovations and selling. You can expect to make between $5,000 and $ 7,000 a transaction – just by finding the property! No up front costs on your part. No renovations. No hassles. Typically the turn around time is two to three weeks. Not a bad payday for part time work – don’t you think?

This is a great way to begin. You’ll learn the entire process before you step in full time.

As I said, the course – even without the indispensable bonus extras – would be well worth the investment you’ll make. You’re simply not going to find this information all in one place, at one time, at any price – except here.


Even though I’ve been buying, fixing and selling distressed properties for over 30 years, this course is relatively new. It’s taken me over a year just to put it together. So naturally I’m interested in
seeing it take off. That’s good news for you. The complete ASI Course sells for $697.00.

Order now – and I’ll take a full $100.00 off..Your price is only $597.00.
This is a very limited offer. Once the initial run of courses have been sold – the price goes back to $697.00. And I expect them to go very fast.



You read that I guarantee this course. You read right. In fact, you’ll get an unprecedented guarantee – one that you’ve probably never seen before: (Click Here to review guarantee)

Order today.Read it. Study it. Apply it. If – after 60 days – you don’t think it is the best information you have ever seen on how to buy, fix and flip distressed houses – send it back. I’ll refund every penny of the purchase price.

Hold On!

Remember I said I was going to offer you something you wouldn’t find anywhere else at any price?

Well – here it is. I’m so absolutely certain that you’ll be able to find the kind of properties I’m talking about I’ll make you this exclusive offer:

Take my course. Find a piece of property using the criteria I set down. Send me the information. If you’ve applied yourself, followed my advice and the property meets my criteria – I’ll finance the entire project – including all holding costs.

That’s right! I’m putting my money where my mouth is.

You’ll be responsible for all the necessary paperwork required to purchase the property. You’ll be in charge of supervising the rehab work and selling the property. After the sale, we’ll split the profits 50/50.Glen Portrait Pic1

You have absolutely no risk.

If this isn’t fair – then I don’t know what is.

You have my word on it.


Glen Gallucci

P.S.You know the best thing about this business? Simply this: Being your own boss. You set the time you want to work. You determine how much money you want to make. You call the shots. There’s no one who’ll call you into a small office one day and say “You’re fired.” You can be one of the few and fortunate who can honestly say: “I make my own way. I don’t need to depend upon anyone else.” You’ll be the master of your own destiny. And that’s the sweetest reward of all.

P.P.S. Still not 100% convinced? Then read here. Testimonials from real people who’ve taken my advice and are now in charge of their own lives.

ASI Course - Wholesaling Flip it for CASH

Learn How to Get Paid $5,000 to $10,000 a Month by Just Finding Houses for Investors visit: www.flipitforcash.com

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Get this Retailing Home Study Course and the

Wholesaling Home Study Course

Flip It For Cash

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Both Courses Regularly $597.00 each totaling $1194.00

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image_ASI_Wholesaling_175x192_white image_ASI_Retailing_175x192_white



“It works like a recipe for a cake…. I’m looking to make about $65k on just the two deals.”

Glen’s course material has been the guide for me to get started investing in realestate. It works like a recipe for a cake. Just follow the directions. There is no guess work involved. Using his straight forward guidance, simple formulas and forms, I’m looking to make about $65k on just the two deals. And the year isn’t over yet……

I know exactly what to offer on properties by using Glen’s simple formula. Again, No guess work. I know when I have a deal and most importantly, when to move on to the next property.

Glen’s course taught me exactly how to secure funding for my real estate projects. It was always a mystery to me how others did it. Without his direction on securing private funds, I would have never been able to see this as a viable business for me

With the 400K I was able to secure, I can buy enough properties to keep me , and for that matter, my family going for sometime……

Bonnie Ladds

New York


“Hands down it is the best Rehab Package by far and I have seen many packages in 14 years of Real Estate Investing”

For years Glen has helped hundreds of investors in our Association begin their rehab business. I am glad that he has created this educational series of books for rehabbers. Hands down it is the best Rehab Package by far and I have seen many packages in 14 years of Real Estate Investing.

Tony Reaves, President of The National Real Estate Investors Association 2005 and The Founder of Your Learning Center.


“I can think of very few teachers out there that can literally take a beginning investor by the hand and lead him to success in the world of single family rehabbing business.”

“I whole-heartedly recommend your course to anyone who is looking to get started properly in the world of real estate rehabbing.”

Jonathan Olaso

President GSREIA (Garden State Real Estate Investors Association) 2002-2003


“If you can only listen to one real estate guru – make it Glen Gallucci.

“You will learn more invaluable information in 5 minutes from Glen than you will in 5 hours from anyone else. He’s done it all – wholesaling, rehabbing, financing, joint-venturing – and he shares his vast reservoir of experience, including mistakes to avoid, in the most tell-it-like-it-is presentation you will ever hear.”

Bruce Baker, Real Estate Appraiser and Investor

Westfield, NJ

“You have no idea how useful your lessons have been.”


“I recently gained courage to buy and rehab a property that is giving me very nice cash flow in Newark, largely because of knowledge gained from your training. You are good, no doubt about it.”
Wambugu Thuo
Fords, New Jersey


“Although I am only in my first year of Real Estate Investing in the North East… I feel that I can now handle any Real Estate Transaction that comes my way…”


“…he has that uncanny ability to break down the field of rehabbing & wholesaling in such a way as to make it enjoyable, extremely interesting and easy to follow. I would recommend him highly to anyone seeking to proceed in the right direction in the field of Real Estate Investing.”
Peter R. Hemingway
Weststchester, New York

“Glen has deconstructed the myth about rehabbing houses.”

“His wholesaler’s package has simple steps on how to estimate the repairs of a house. I can now walk into a house and in 20 minutes have a ballpark estimate of repairs. Without a doubt Glen has been a major contributor to my Real Estate education. Most importantly he has removed the Fear of the unknown when walking into an ugly house.”
Mohit S. Jain
Edison, NJ

“You have a way of making some complicated information very simple to understand and follow.

I know your encouragement has helped many investors in rehabbing business as well as it will help many new investors in the future.”
Frank M.
GreenBrook, NJ

“He is Simply the Best”

Glen is more than A Seasoned Investor. He is also a Mentor and a fabulous teacher. He is Simply the Best.
Patricia Reaves, President of The Garden State Real Estate Investors Association 2004 and 2005


“Since taking your course I have literally saved thousands of dollars…”

“Just a few notes to let you know how happy I am that I decided to “take it to the next level”! Since taking your course I have literally saved thousands of dollars in points, interest, fees, etc. by using your techniques to find “private lenders” to fund my deals. I was able to confidently interview prospective lenders using skills I learned in your course.Securing $130,000 from private lenders enabled me to make a recent profitable deal even more profitable!”
“Thank you again for all your help and expertise.”
Michael O’Connor
Secaucus, NJ

“THANK YOU – for showing me how to attract private money! I followed your system exactly from your book and secured $500,000.

“Many times when I purchase these career motivational CD’s they collect dust and are never fully utilized. Your system is obviously different because the results really worked. Thank you for making this process so easy to read and implement. ”
“I was amazed at how the lenders wanted to work with me. I was able to answer their questions with confidence and your methods really helped me obtain credibility with each investor. Again I thank you for all that you have done for me. It really launched my business to the next level.”
Christian Tirone
Reading, PA

“After taking your course, my first two deals netted way over $100,000. … I now control my own destiny. There is no better feeling.”

“These last 10 months have been fast and information packed. But I have to say I have no regrets about leaving corporate America. I keep my old business card close to me to remember how miserable I was during that time. Life is too short to live like that regardless of how much they could have paid me. I’m just glad it took me 4yrs to realize it then 40 years. After taking your course, my first two deals netted way over $100,000. My third is scheduled to close this month. I am enclosing a picture of me with my first huge check!

I know now there is no ceiling to how much money I can make. And the most important thing is that I wake up everyday happy and with the desire to produce and succeed. I now control my own destiny. There is no better feeling. Thank you.”
Paul G.
E. Brunswick, NJ

“I just used one of your simple techniques to secure a property, and I am now flipping it for a $53,000 profit! That’s pretty good for a $100 investment.”

“Your course material is definitely different than the rest. I thought I saw and heard it all from other courses. But yours takes it to a whole different level. I just used one of your simple techniques to secure a property, and I am now flipping it for a $53,000 profit! That’s pretty good for a $100 investment. Thank you for revealing how this amazingly simple method works. I plan to do this many more times this year.”
Winston Wiles
Maplewood, NJ

“Thank you for putting me on the Path to Success!”

“I want to take this opportunity to Thank You again for all your help and guidance during my first full rehab in Jersey City. Your course has given me invaluable information and skills on everything from purchasing at the right price, determining the rehab cost, and hiring (and if necessary, firing) contractors. Your course has also put my marketing campaign into high gear. From my business cards, to my postcards, to my web site, I owe it all to you!”
Marcia O.
Jersey City, NJ

“A privilege to listen to and learn from!”

“Real world, streetwise know-how delivered with humor and wit, and combined with down-to-earth advice and guidance that comes from years of experience makes Glen Gallucci, a truly Seasoned Investor, a privilege to listen to and learn from!”
Marlene Green
Jersey City, New Jersey

“Excellent Course. It’s worth every penny. I highly recommend it!”

Catherine Bozeman
New York City

“A must for anyone who is serious about their real estate business”


“Thank you for all the valuable information, insight and motivational inspiration that you have provided us over the past year. You are one of the best “wholesale” and “rehab” speakers out there and you are definitely a “Seasoned Investor”. Your course is a textbook for real world investing and a must for anyone who is serious about their real estate business. You’ve made a huge difference in our lives. God Bless and Best wishes.”
Alvin & Marlene Lambert

“Really Great Information. All the details no one else is talking about. Very Interesting!”

Jacqueline Albert
New York City

The insights you get from Glen are priceless!”

“A must for anyone thinking of investing in any area of real estate. The insights you get from Glen are priceless!”
Dorian Abreu
Huntington, NY

“It’s worth it!”

“I’ve learned how to confidently make an offer and I now understand the rehab process. To anyone thinking about getting Glen’s material…Go and do it. It’s worth it!”
Fidelis Bomba
Bloomfield, NJ

“Thank you so much, you are AWESOME!”

Mary and Art M.


Order Both Home Study Courses and Save!

Get this Retailing Home Study Course and the

Wholesaling Home Study Course

Flip It For Cash

for a Huge Discount!

Both Courses Regularly $597.00 each totaling $1194.00

Now Get Both for Only $894.00 – Wow, a $300 Savings!!

image_ASI_Wholesaling_175x192_white image_ASI_Retailing_175x192_white